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RH Lawyers and RSI Institute Class Action against Johnson & Johnson and Coloplast

An overview of the class action proceedings that have been instituted by RHL and RSI against manufacturers of pelvic mesh and how potential class members may enquire.

These defective pelvic mesh devices are made from a sheet of woven or net-like material, called polypropylene that is permanently implanted into the vaginal and/or pelvic region for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence (“SUI”) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (“POP”), two medical conditions where the tissue in the pelvic region weakens or becomes damaged.

Once the pelvic mesh is implanted in the pelvic region, the individual’s tissue grows through the mesh’s porous structure, causing the mesh to fuse with the surrounding tissue. This mechanism is intended to support the weakened or damaged tissue.

There have been several lawsuits across the globe against various manufacturers and distributors of pelvic mesh devices, by women that are claiming compensation for personal injury suffered due to being implanted with defective mesh devices. The complications associated with defective pelvic mesh include, amongst other symptoms and ailments, recurring infections, mesh erosion, painful intercourse, a buildup of scar tissue that entraps surrounding nerves, and chronic inflammatory responses.

The class action proceedings launched by RHL and RSI, enable South African woman that have been implanted with pelvic mesh and suffered personal injury as a result thereof, to claim compensation for the harm suffered, without having to bring an individual lawsuit. The South African Lawsuit includes a claim for psychological injuries sustained by those in a close personal relationship with a class member, as a result of the injuries sustained by the class member.

Individuals who believe they may have suffered harm as a result of being implanted with pelvic mesh, or as a result of a loved one being injured by defective pelvic mesh, are encouraged to  contact RH Lawyers as soon as possible by visiting or via the methods listed below:

  1. Emailing:;
  2. Calling 087 188 2698; or

Sending a please call me or WhatsApp to 062 973 9224

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