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Pelvic Mesh Devices: It’s Not Only Women Who Are Affected

RH Lawyers Inc. (“RHL”) and Richard Spoor Inc. (“RSI”), have taken significant steps to hold manufacturers of pelvic mesh devices accountable by launching class action proceedings on behalf of affected individuals against these manufacturers. These devices, intended to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI), have come under scrutiny due to serious allegations regarding their safety and suitability.

Pelvic mesh devices are often marketed as a reliable solution for women suffering from POP and SUI. Made from polypropylene, these devices are implanted to provide support to weakened pelvic structures. However, mounting evidence suggests that these devices are not only ineffective but potentially harmful. Many women have reported severe complications, including chronic pain, infection, mesh erosion, and organ perforation, which have drastically affected their quality of life.

The allegations at the core of our legal proceedings claim that the manufacturers knowingly marketed these devices despite their inherent risks. The use of polypropylene, a material now considered unsuitable for such applications in various jurisdictions, underscores the severity of this issue. Our goal is to seek justice for those harmed and hold the manufacturers accountable


While the physical and emotional toll on women has been widely reported, it is crucial to recognize that the impact of defective pelvic mesh devices extends beyond female patients. Families of the affected women often endure significant emotional and financial strain, navigating long-term medical care and the fallout of compromised health.

The suffering of these women reverberates through the lives of their loved ones, impacting husbands, life partners, and minor children. Witnessing a loved one in constant pain and distress can take a severe toll on the mental health of those closest to them. This emotional burden often manifests as anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues, affecting the mental health of family members and partners.


The strain on intimate relationships is particularly notable. Marriages and partnerships often face immense pressure due to the physical limitations imposed by the complications of pelvic mesh devices. Painful sexual intercourse can lead to a breakdown in intimacy, creating emotional distance and tension between partners. The inability to engage in normal sexual relations can erode the foundation of a relationship, leading to frustration and a sense of helplessness for both parties.


We believe it is essential to recognize that those who suffer mentally from seeing their loved ones in pain may also have grounds for a claim. If these psychological injuries are diagnosable, individuals affected should not hesitate to seek justice and support.


Additionally, healthcare professionals are affected by the need to address complications arising from these devices, facing challenges in both treating and removing the mesh, which can be a complex and risky procedure.


By expanding the discussion to include all those impacted by defective pelvic mesh devices, we aim to highlight the broader consequences of these medical products. It is not just a women's issue; it is a broader concern that requires urgent attention and action.


Through our class action lawsuit, we strive to bring about meaningful change and prevent further harm caused by these defective products. Individuals who believe they may have suffered harm as a result of being implanted with pelvic mesh, or as a result of a loved one being injured by defective pelvic mesh, are encouraged to contact RH Lawyers as soon as possible by visiting or via the methods listed below:

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